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- "Bezug von Heften" (purchase of brochures)

- "Andere Angebote" (other offers)

We will send it mostly as a pdf-file via we transfer.

As a payment option we had choose PayPal as a safty way for both sides.


We will send it mostly as a pdf-file via We tranfer after we had seen that we reached your payment. Normally it will happend between one week.


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You only must select the offered options,  check the shopping cart, pay by paypal and enjoy the anticipation!


Some special papers are free for members. We only need your member number to check it. In this cases as a member you must select the articel variation "Mitglieder kostenfrei" (members free) with no price, in the shopping cart you must select "gegen Rechnung" (against invoice), because paypal doesn't work without request for payment. Than we will get the mail with your order, but without costs.  


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